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Technical Detail 


April 6 2022      

Technical detail:

The following is written using computer technical language. 

We have made a significantly important discovery which will lead to our manufacture of Malware Secure Computers in North America.  

Our Malware Secure Computers "safely" process "both" clean and "malware infected" information user data files.

These files types include, but are not limited to, Malware infected, internet searching, emails, email attachments, Word, PDF, SQL or ORACLE data files.  These are some of the most common entry vehicles for a Malware.  For us, a Malware does not get to enter the main processing and storage area of our computers. In fact, Malware are literally left behind at the front door (input stage).  

This discovery has been made possible due to my exposure to a breadth of electronic design technologies during my 30+ years in electronic components, which included the supply of electronic components to three satellites.

My new Malware Secure Computer design consists of two physically and electrically isolated computers, located within one housing, operating as one computer.  They are an input computer, known as a Virtual Sandbox Computer and a normal type of desktop computer, with new security features, which this discovery has enabled.

The first computer, is a Linux based sandbox, virtual, input computer, where all incoming files are first "safely" opened, "both" clean and malware infected.  It is "absolutely safe" to open a malware infected file in this first stage.  

The sandbox has the write buss to the SSD and BIOS/UEFI "physically" switched open circuit with a physical key switch mounted on the front panel.  A normal Sandbox uses "malware vulnerable" software to protect writing to the SSD and BIOS/UEFI.  By us providing an open circuitry on the write buss, writing is made 100% impossible, yet software can be safely read.

After a file is processed, that sandbox is rebooted and a through memory cleaning program is run on both volatile and non-volatile RAM, just after BIOS/UEFI POST and just before o/s is installed. This completely eliminates the possibility of any hanging malware RAM fragments.  Pre-authorized non-volatile RAM information is automatically reloaded after o/s is re-installed.  This non-volatile RAM information is stored in the main processing and storage computer.  How this is "safely" accomplished is explained during a training session or by phoning me for an explanation.

Because this RAM cleaning process is time consuming, there are a total of five sandbox input computers which are either shutting down, booting up, cleaning memory or ready to receive the next input file. Due to this cleaning process, each and every sandbox is "absolutely malware free" and ready to receive the next file.

The second computer, is the main processing and storage computer, which is a standard desktop design, with additional security features.  Including, an easy to use, complex and secured, password generator / insertion program.  Also an internal and very secured Crypto Wallet, where malware just does not get to enter to hack your crypto key.

How these two communicate, is made possible due to my development of a new information conduit for computer data to travel on, different from fiber-optics, RF or wire, which we named the r-conduit.

The in-house discovery of the r-conduit, enabled our discovery of a New Class of Computer Components (NCoCC) and support circuitry. 

This series of computer electronic component discoveries, is what enables the "malware safe", air-gapped, bi-directional data communications between these two physically and electrically isolated computers.

I have self-funded my research over the last three years.  I am running out of cash.  Please pass this communication on to any cyber research facilities you may know of.  I am in need of technical assistance to turn what I have discovered in my lab, into a Proof of Concept.  I cannot demonstrate what I used in my lab as that would reveal too many secrets.

To add a tone of credibility, for a short biography of my business years read:

I need your help to take this important discovery, out of the discovery stage, to the business and manufacturing stage.

Proof of Discovery

To prove this discovery, we presented a known Malware infected Word document to the input computer.  That Malware infected file was safely copied to the main processing and storage computers as, "exactly" the same word document, but as a no longer malware infected file.  That file was both Malware infected in the input computer and a NOT malware infected file in the main processing and storage computer.

Proving the enabling technology, was executed by installing on both the input and the processing computers a separate display monitor and McAfee on both, set to "alarm only". 

A known Malware infected Word document, was introduced to the input computer, McAfee displayed a bright RED warning on the input computers' display monitor.  

At the same time, "exactly" the same file was in the main processing computer, but McAfee had not alarmed.  To make sure that transferred Word file was not infected, I manually instructed McAfee to scan that specific file, twice.  That McAfee scan confirmed that the file in the main processing and storage computer was absolutely NOT infected.  

A Malware infected file was safely processed.  This was accomplished without the need or use of detection software, encryption, VPN, AI or analytics.  This was our in-house Proof of Concept of a major cyber protection discovery.

That no longer Malware infected Word document in the main processing computer, was then ready to be safely shared with other computers on a network, the internet or other methods, as it was now a no-longer Malware infected file.  

This could be thought of as a malware cleaning process, but it is certainly not. In order to clean, one needs to know that the file is infected.  This new process does not detect the presence of a malware.  It is a new way for how the computers hardware processes both clean and malware infected data.  A significant Canadian step forward in cyber protection.

In Short:  I have redesigned and proven in my lab, how our computers can safely processes both clean and malware infected data and I am attempting to start a multibillion dollar Malware Secure Computer manufacturing industry in North America, on a shoe-string budget.  I need help.


Uses for Malware Secure Computers:

Other than the obvious use to protect important data and critical infrastructure, I provide the following:

  1. Segmentation: In networks, computers are often segmented into groups.  Segmentation is done to localize the spread of a Malware, to say 10 or 50 computers.  With a ROATI Computer, each and every computer is a protected segment upon itself.  Instead of cleaning 10 or 50 computers, should the unlikely event of a malware entry, only the one computer would need to be cleaned.

  2. PROBLEM  Sharing Source Code:  Often developers share source code which is safe and useful, but sometimes the file can be malware infected.  When compiling at the developer, that Malware becomes part of the software and is spread during new software installations or updates/patches.  Hence, a major cause for the plethora and spread of Malware attacks we see today.  We have a resolve.

  3. ANSWER:   Source Code Compiling at the Local Computer:  At ROATI we are looking at a new and safe way for the developer to send to each and every secretly identified computer, the source code.  The source code is complied ONLY at that specific and individual computer, then the source code and any file remanence is deleted and cleaned.  Leaving only the compiled software behind.  This will help reduce malware spread though updates/patches.  In order to protect the developers IP, research is being conducted to alleviate their fears.

The above are just some of many new uses for computers, which our discovery makes possible.



The above is the result of three years of self funded my research.  We are almost at the finish line.

Should you have read this far, I hope that you realize the importance of my discovery, which will enable the manufacture of Malware Secure Computers in North America a reality tomorrow.  However, I am in need of just a little bit of your help, to make it a reality today.

I no longer have the funds to hire the technical expertise needed for me to complete my design.  

To build a Proof of Concept, I can use, off the shelf, standard parts. No modification or customization is needed.  

Sometimes, I feel like a very thirsty person, struggling to find a drink of water, walking the endless mile after mile through the Sarah Desert, only to find at the end of the journey, that the water pump at the oasis, has a padlock.

The key to "unlocking" the future is, to build a simple and very basic Proof of Concept (PoC) to demonstrate to a president of a major Canadian bank, who offered to fund the millions of dollars needed for commercial product development.  

I need a u$15k - u$70k grant, to hire the specialized technical expertise to help with building a PoC, based on my design. 

Even if you were able to offer a small drop of knowledge to help my journey, that would be so appreciated.  Your help could be the key to unlocking the future.

I need the technical expertise of which only a computer hardware engineer could help me with, either that or a computer professor at a college or university, with the desire to help others.

My father loyally fought for Canada during WWII.  Today I loyally fight for Canada during the cyber wars of 2022. 

Thank you for reading so far.  Who every you are, please consider using your knowledge / influence to help me battle on.

North America needs a new industry, the world needs Malware Secure Computers, I need help to cross the finish line.

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