Malware Secure Computer Discovery

due to our in-house discovery 

of a new Information Conduit for

computer data to travel on

January 12, 2022


We made an in-house discovery of a new "Information Conduit" for computer data to travel on, different from fiber-optics, RF or wire, which we named the r-conduit.  The r-conduit led us to our design for Malware Secure Computers which enables the "safe" opening of "both" clean and malware infected information files.   

Information file types which we protect, but not limited to, are:  internet searching, email, email attachments, Word, PDF, SQL and ORACLE data bases and several other file types.  All these are common malware entry points, which until now, allowed for a malware to easily enter a computer and execute its malicious intent.  This is a significantly important malware protection discovery and rethink of how computers process data.

The enabling technology has been proven in my lab and is briefly explained below.  In short, we have designed our computers to "safely" processes, even malware infected data files.

We are a Canadian federally incorporated company, with our head office in Brampton, Ontario.  We are focused on the North American design and possible international manufacture of our ROATI Malware Secure Computers, based on the r-conduit principle.  

We need help to move our Malware protection discovery, to the next business and technical level.


Simplified Technical Detail:

The in-house discovery of the r-conduit, led us to the discovery of a New Class of Computer Components (NCoCC).

The in-house discovery of the NCoCC, led us to the discovery of a, "new way for how the computers' hardware processes computer data".

The in-house development of a new way to process computer data enabled our design for our Malware Secure Computers.  

Our computers are in fact two computers in one.  The first is the input computer which is "physically and electrically" isolated from the second computer, which is the main processing and storage computer.  

The malware safe, air-gapped, bi-directional data communications between these two physically and electrically isolated computers is made possible through the use of our NCoCC.

The input computer, is where files are first received, processed and where "both" clean and malware infected information files "safely" reside.  

The main processing and storage computer can be thought of as a standard desktop PC with additional security features.  It is in the processing computer where all files are received from the input computer are "always" received as, no longer infected.

To prove this discovery, we presented a malware infected Word document to the input computer, the NCoCC "safely" transferred that file to the main processing computer, as "exactly" the same Word document, except no longer infected.

That no longer Malware infected Word document in the main processing computer, was now ready to be safely shared with other computers on a network, the internet or other methods as it was, no longer a malware infected file.  

I need help to take this important discovery to the next business and technical level by building a Proof of Concept to demonstrate publicly.   I cannot demonstrate what I did in the lab as that would reveal to many design secrets.

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