Hardware Solution for

Malware Protecting Computers

ROATI  Technologies  Inc.

  December 11, 2018 


We have discovered a pure hardware solution for the Malware protection of information data files.  The core principal of my hypotheses was recently proven in our lab and was accomplished without the need or use of Virus or Malware detection software.  

Currently we are attempting to build a proof of concept email server to demonstrate our new technology, in order to obtain funding for commercial product development.

The ludicrous need for the use of "detection software" to "detect the presence of a known Malware", is the Achilles Heel of current Malware protection systems and has been the principle driver for my research for at least 10 years.  

There . . just . . had . . to . . be . . a . . better . . way , . . . .  which I have discovered and is explain below.

Once computers from ROATI Technologies Inc are made commercially available, we aim to protect even against unknown Malware which can easily bypass existing detection software and infect your computer or network.   We feel we will even be able to protect you from an unknown Malware which is attached to your video streaming, internet searching, certain information data files, emails and attachments.  A multitude of file formats are currently being evaluated at our research lab.

This document highlights how we are able to accomplish this high a level of Malware protection and our route to commercialization.



In the USA and Canada I have over 30 years experience in electronic component technical sales, sales management and project management , was instrumental in the supply of components used in three satellites circling the globe, received Canadian military security clearance, am a C++ programmer and have been privy to many electronic instrumentation design, marketing and business launch projects.


The following is somewhat detailed:



All incoming information data files, if they are or if they are not infected with a malicious Malware, are all automatically processed the same way.  All incoming files enter via the first stage, which is our pre-processing stage and one of several stages, of which all contribute to the safe usage of files and is done so without the fear of a Virus or Malware infecting your computer or network.

Under normal operating conditions, it will be absolutely impossible for "any" Malware to infect our systems main BIOS or Hard Drive. 

Our discovery of a new computer principle has recently been proven in our lab and was successfully used within our new class of computer components.

I have had it confirmed by Silicone Valley Giants that components can be altered or built to our unique specifications. 

In order to demonstrate poof of our new technology to funding agencies, although with limited financial resources, I am attempting to self-fund the development of a basic Proof of Concept email server.


To those who Doubt:

I recognize the very hard to believe nature of the above statements and what for many is to preposterous to be believed or to be outright impossible.  To those who doubt, I invite you to try and Malware infest our system when made commercially available.  May I suggest you base your comments on the facts of tomorrow and not on the misconceptions which are based on the current thinking, which is based on the unreliable procedures used today, which is confirmed by the thousands of successful daily Malware attacks, which are based on detection software protection and costing victims considerably. 

Even better phone me to challenge my comments.


How it works:

The basic ROATI Technologies system consists of three isolated and independent computers working in tandem, all contained within one housing.  The various stages communicate with each other through a new class of computer components developed in house.

The first stage computer, is where all incoming data files are received, "Malware infected or not".  Once received, they may be pre-processed for saving.  This stage is configured in such a way as to absolutely prevent "any" malicious Malware from entering our systems main BIOS or Hard Drive. 

The second stage is where all information files are passed through our new class of computer components.  It is here where video streaming, internet searching, information data files and emails, even if they were infected by a Virus or Malware, are securely processed and may be transferred to the third stage computer as a "no-longer Malware infected. 

The third stage, depending on the model, may be one of our PCs or Network Servers. 

For the third stage we have added a hardware security feature, specifically designed to prevent the un-desirable USB or CD introduction of a Malware by: 1/ a malicious employee  2/ the un-intentioned but detrimental activity of a good employee or  3/ the introduction of a Malware by an outside hacker.  Normal USB and CD usage is enabled through a new security protocol.  This feature is designed for the IT professional for network protection or for the security aware PC owner.

The loading or updating of software is controlled under a different security protocol.  Details will be released once patent and copyright protection has been secured or will more likely be revealed as part of our product launch.

There will no longer be a concern for doing off-site work on a lap-top or home computer which may be Malware infected.  Any newly infected work may be confidently uploaded back onto a ROATI Technologies protected system, without the fear of that new infection being uploading with that work.


Our plan:

Because of the very hard to believe nature of what we have discovered, in order to demonstrate our new technology to funding agencies, although with limited financial resources, I am attempting to self-fund the development of a basic Proof of Concept email server.

There are three main steps:

   1/   Determine if the hardware can be built.
I have spent the good part of two years confirming the availability of components with Silicone Valley giants.  This has been quite the challenge as we are a new, unknown and unproven company.  

We needed to break through their customer service firewall in order to obtain access to senior design engineers.  For each supplier, it has taken a good part of the last two years.  But by being persistent and by using different approaches, recently we were able to get through to all the important engineers we needed to talk to and were able to obtain confirmation for our unique component designs. 

    2/   Build a Proof of Concept server.
Much of the hardware has been purchased and modified.  Once some hardware procurement and minor design challenges have been resolved, then our Proof of Concept server can be finished and we will be ready to demonstrate our newly developed Cyber Secure Computer Technology.

    3/   Demonstrate technology.
We will hire an independent ethical hacker and request government cyber security specialists to do aggressive Malware penetration tests of our Proof of Concept email server.  Armed with their documented proof that Malware protection was actually accomplished without the need or use of Virus or Malware detection software, we will then apply to funding agencies for commercial product development.  


Our final Challenge:

Our final challenge is to open our "no-longer Malware infected data files"; without running any text based malicious scripts, while still being able to run desirable scripts.  Desirable scripts are helpful for efficient computer usage.  

We know how to overcome the script issue and are in the process of incorporating the solution.  Once our script and hardware issues have been resolved, then our Proof of Concept Server will be ready to be built and ready to demonstration our new Cyber Secure Technology.  



Anywhere a malicious Malware infection can infect a computers BIOS or hard drive, destroy data, ransom data, cause costly data misinformation or the costly and destructive release of confidential corporate data or sensitive personal information.  

In short, anywhere in the world where data needs to be Malware protected, including any unknown and yet to be discovered Malware, which would easily bypass existing Malware detection software.

Further research is needed to determine if a combination of our new computer principle, our new class of computer components and new computer architecture, can be applied to the IOT, IIOT, embedded products and industrial process control.  Early indications are promising, especially for SCADA and process control.


What we Can and Cannot do:

We cannot prevent the access to our computers because of poor password management, poorly designed software or the ignoring of our new series of security protocols.  These are the responsibility of IT professionals or the PC user.  

All "we can do" is to provide systems which:

  • Absolutely prevent any Malware infections from entering our systems main BIOS or Hard Drive.

  • Safely process incoming information data, Malware infected or not.

  • Enable the safe opening or sharing of Malware infected emails or information based attachments.

  • Allow for the safe visiting of web sites, which are Malware infected.

  • Allow for safe video streaming, which are Malware infected

  • Protect against any unknown or yet to be discovered Malware, which would easily bypass existing detection software.

  • and by reliably doing so without the need or use of Virus or Malware detection software.  


My Mission:

To develop within the Ontario Technology Corridor, an industry supporting our Canadian manufactured Cyber Secure Computer Systems to the world.



Please read the following not as a complaint, but rather as an expression of our pride, as to what we have been able to accomplish so far.

We are slow to market because we are self-funding with very limited financial resources, we have received little to no support for our research and no support for the specialized technical expertise needed for completion.  Yet we battle on since federally incorporating Sept 21, 2016.   Because of my background in business and hardware, being armed with perseverance and determination, happily I can say we are close to demonstrating our technology, a technology which was thought impossible to achieve.  Today we stand at the doorstep of an evolutionary shift in Cyber Security

With pride I can say, "we have been able to accomplish so much, with so little".  

Here is a final thought for you, while we are slow to market, because of our limited financial resources, the worlds Cyber space remains under - preventable attack. 

Safe computing.

Ralph Kachur,
ROATI Technologies Inc.  

Protecting Electronic Information
with a Purely Hardware solution for Malware protection


I'm often asked:
How can you develop this when thousands of computer professionals
have not?

My answer is:

Gravity has been around since the very beginning of time.
It took Isaac Newton, over 300 years ago to see
the obvious.

For me the knowledge and the experience gained in over 
30 years of electronic component technical sales,
was helpful. 


The above information is supplied for the purpose of indicating what we are attempting to achieve in Malware protection and no commercial or personal decisions should be based on the above.  The above is subject to our ability to actually achieving our objectives and statements of capability and may change prior to commercial release.  We hold no responsibility to maintain the above capabilities.


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