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Ultra Cyber Secure Computers


We are developing Desktop PC's and servers which can prevent a Virus or Malware from entering our systems main BIOS or hard drive through the normal entry points of e-mail, internet, CD, USB, and Wi-Fi and by doing so without the need or use of Virus or Malware detection software.  

I have a background of over 30 years in electronic component technical sales and sales management, was instrumental in the supply of components used in three satellites circling the globe, have received Canadian Military security clearance, am a novice VC++ programmer and have been privy to many electronic instrumentation design, marketing and business projects.

Because of my exposure to a wide variety of electronic component technologies, I have developed an entirely new class of computer components which enables the above statement to become a cyber secure reality.

In order to obtain the necessary funding for commercial product development, I am currently self-funding the development of a Proof of Concept email server to prove technology.


More Detail:  

Currently we can "safely" view infected emails and safely visit infected web sites, also we can safely view infected files via USB, CD and can safely receive infections via Wi-Fi.  All incoming files are received in our isolated first stage computer, then transferred via a newly developed new class of computer components to an isolated second stage computer.  Even if that incoming file contains a binary infection, when that file is transferred to the second stage computer, that binary infection will have been automatically removed.  This is accomplished with the use or need of Virus or Malware detection software.

Although binary infected information files are no longer a problem for us, we know that an infection can be still hidden in text as undesirable script or other forms of text based Malware.  Depending on the program which will open that file, that undesirable script or Malware can be maliciously launched.  This is the area we are currently investigating.   Any suggestions you have will be gratefully received and promptly applied.  [ f ]


Plan to move forward:

Once the Proof of Concept (POC) email server has been built and hard tested by contracted and independent ethical hackers, followed by testing by government cyber security specialists, I will then include both of their testimonies as part of my application to federal government funding agencies for commercial product development.

To demonstrate a POC Server there are three main stages.
    1/   Determine if the hardware can be built.
    2/   Build a POC internet server.
    3/   Demonstrate technology.

1/   Determine if the hardware can be built.
I have spent over six months researching suppliers and have had it confirmed by Silicone Valley Giants that components can be built to my specification.  

    2/   Build a POC internet server.
This is my current stage which I am self-funding.  Binary infections are no longer a problem for us.  To be able to not launch undesirable text based script or Malware is challenging, and is the area of our current research for product development

    3/   Demonstrate technology.
To be done as described above.

At the core of the ROATI protected system is the modern computer.  Each system consists of three computers working in tandem, within one housing.  However, much of the hardware, software and circuitry has been redesigned and when combined with an "entirely new class of computer components", which we developed in house, the ROATI principle becomes a Cyber Secure reality. 

It is my ultimate objective to develop for the Canadian economy, a manufacturing, software and product support industry within the Ontario Technology Corridor.

Markets include, anywhere a malicious electronic infection can infect a computers BIOS or hard drive.

Further research is needed to determine if the ROATI Principle can be applied to the IOT, IIOT and embedded products.  Early indications are promising,

We cannot control password management, malicious employees, or other internal control systems.  This is the domain of IT professionals.

What we do is to prevent an electronic infestation from entering our systems main BIOS or Hard Drive through the normal entry points of e-mail, internet, CD, USB, Wi-Fi and by doing so without the need or use of Virus or Malware detection software.  Now opening an infected file is no longer a problem for us, saving that file is our final challenge, once solved the ROATI principle will become a Canadian commercial reality.

Please contact me, should you wish to know more or you wish to be on the ground floor of a company at the door step of an evolutionary shift in Cyber Secure Computing


Ralph Kachur,
ROATI Technologies Inc.  

Protecting Electronic Information

By Developing

Ultra Cyber Secure Computers


I'm often asked:
How can you develop this when
thousands of computer professionals have not?

My answer is:

Gravity has been around
since the very beginning of time.
It took Isaac Newton, over 300 years ago
to see the obvious.

For me the knowledge and the experience gained
in over 30 years of electronic component technical sales,
was helpful. 

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