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Malware Protection

Detection software not needed or used 

February 17,  2020


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Although the following is contrary to current malware security thinking, the core principle of our discovery has been proven in our lab. 




We have discovered and are developing a New Class of Computer Components (NCoCC) which enables us to safely process both Malware infected and not-infected data communications without the need or use of detection software such as McAfee or Norton.   The first market for us to approach is the Malware protection of computers and systems.  This newly discovered technology will also have significant application for the protection of communications for critical infrastructure and for the protection of communications in industrial manufacturing and industrial processing.

As a result of our computer redesign, we are able to prevent a malicious employee, a good employee or an on-site hacker from using a Malware Infected USB, CD or Wi-Fi to purposefully or accidentally gain access to the main storage and processing areas of a system.  This is a popular method used to install Malware infected files and causing the undesirable and costly effects of a Ransomware, the theft of critical information or to enable the many other forms of Malware attacks.

Once our final product is ready for market and launched, the result will be a significant economic benefit for Canada.  Also, a special economic benefit consideration will be extended to those areas, within Canada, who supported us at this early stage.

I have a 30 year background in electronic component technical sales, sales management, project management, including the supply of components in three satellites circulating the globe today.   Recently, I was an invited speaker at an International Cyber Security and Information Security Conference.

Because of my exposed to a breadth of technologies, I made this major Malware security discovery.


More Detail: 

When a user data file, such as Word, PDF, Text, Data Base, etc. is presented to the input of the NCoCC, whether that file is either Malware Infected or not infected, the output is always "no-longer infected".  This is accomplished without the need or use of Malware detection software, encryption, AI or Analytics.  

The NCoCC also will allow for the Malware secure visiting of Malware infected web sites, watch Malware infected video streaming; open, edit, share and save Malware infected emails as no longer infected and more.  The core principle has been proven in our lab.

The discovery of our NCoCC is the core technology which enabled our redesign of the computers architecture, enabled the way which ROATI Technology computers process information and enabled a never used before Malware secure circuitry design.  All of which have contributed to the ultra-high level of Malware prevention we will provide to our customers.

The simplest application for the NCoCC is for the Malware protection of information data being exchanged within the industrial processing, the industrial manufacturing and the critical infrastructure markets.  

However, the cost to develop our discrete component design for the NCoCC into a hybrid / IC, in order to enable high volume production and cost reduction, is just not in our current budgets ability.  That is why we are first focusing our discovery on the development of Malware secure computers, using discrete components for the NCoCC.  For details visit

To date our experience for the general acceptance of our discovery has been:

The Novice - is very impressed with our discovery.

The Expert - based on "zero percent knowledge" of our discovery, say it is impossible.  However, the core principle has been proven in our lab. 

Recently, I had the fortuitous opportunity to have had a meeting with the president of a major Canadian bank who offer to fund our commercial product development for a small equity stake.  This offer is contingent upon us demonstrating the core principle and basic capability of our discovery with a simple Proof of Concept (PoC) computer.  

Because of the simplicity of the design, the PoC can be built using existing technology by a computer hardware engineering student using discrete components.  For commercial product development, skilled low level computer hardware engineers, software engineers and production engineers will be required.

Although the PoC can be easily built with a person with basic skills in PCB design and computer hardware engineering, we still need their assistance and are applying for grants to be able to hire computer engineering students.

The PoC will be used to obtain funding for commercial product development from the federal government and or from that bank president.

It is forecasted that in 2020 the cost for Cyber Attacks including Ransomware, information theft and other forms of Malware attacks are expected to cost the economies of the world over a Trillion dollars.

The current high level of Malware attacks being experienced in the world today, will become a thing of the past for the users of our Canadian discovered, developed, manufactured and supported Malware secure computers and computer based products.

Our phone is answered from 8:00 am - 9:00 pm EST, 7dpw.  I sincerely invite you, the reader, to phone me at (905 846-1233 or email.  I look forward to talking to you

The above is a simplified version of my activity which in fact has many complex tentacles.

Safe Computing,
Ralph Kachur,              

I cannot see the future, only the now.

I can only hope that what I do today

will prepare me for tomorrows now.


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