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Detection software not needed or used 

March 25,  2020


--  What if:  a major cyber security discovery was made & nobody believed it possible  

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Although the following is certainly contrary to current malware security thinking, the core principle of our discovery has been proven in our lab. 



We are in development of Malware Secure Computers which does not need to use detection software, encryption, AI or analytics.  This new technology has been made possible because of our development of a New Class of Computer Components (NCoCC).

The NCoCC is that which enabled us to make a major change to our computers input architecture.  It is the input stage where Malware normally obtain entry into your computer, system or network.  

As hard as may be to believe, we actually can safely process a Malware infected user date file such as Word, PDF and others, within our first input stage, without transferring that Malware to the rest of the system or to any other computer on a network.  The same applies to Malware infected internet activity.

The other major market for our NCoCC is for the Malware protection of data communications lines used in IOT, IIOT, SCADA, Critical Infrastructure, Process Control and Industrial Control.  Again, without the need to use detection software, encryption, AI or analytics.

Because of the redesign of our computers architecture, Malware entry via a USB, CD or Wi-Fi, is prevented from the actions of a malicious employee, an inadvertent infection by a good employee or the purposeful infection by an on-site hacker.  Again, without the need to use detection software, encryption, AI or analytics.

Once we are ready for market and have launched our computers for sale, the result will be a significant economic benefit for Canada.  

I have a 30 year background in electronic component technical sales, sales management, project management, including the supply of components in three satellites circulating the globe today.   

My highest profile satellite project was the supply of the CCD for the imaging portion of the European Space Agency VIKING satellite, which produced the first images from outer space of the Aurora Borealis sitting like a crown hovering above Earths North Pole.

Because of my exposed to a breadth of technologies, I made this major Malware security discovery.


More Detail: 

ROATI computers will enable the safe visiting of Malware infected web sites, the safe watching of Malware infected video streaming or the opening, editing, sharing and saving Malware infected emails and user data files, as no longer infected and much more.  The core principle has been proven in our lab.

In order to convert our NCoCC into a hybrid/IC, to enable high volume production and cost reduction, it is estimated to cost $2.5 Million, which is not in our current budgets ability.  That is why we are first focusing on using our discrete components design, for the NCoCC, for the development of our first model of a Malware secure computer.

I was lucky to have had the fortuitous opportunity to have met with a president of a major Canadian bank who offer to fund our commercial product development for a small equity stake.  This offer is contingent upon demonstrating the core principle and basic capability of our discovery with a simple Proof of Concept (PoC) computer.  

Because of the simplicity of the design, the PoC can be built using existing computer technology, even with the help of computer hardware engineering students.  For commercial product development, skilled and experienced low level computer hardware engineers, software engineers and production engineers will be required. 

The PoC will be used to obtain funding for commercial product development from the federal government and (or) from the previously mentioned bank president.  Once funded it will be the launch of a major Malware Secure Computer manufacturing industry, primarily within the Ontario Technology Corridor and other parts of Canada.

Because we are in need of specialized technical technical assistance, we are applying for grants to be able to hire the support we need.  To date we have not received any grants or offers for business or technical support. 

In order to bringing what we have developed to date, we have self funded, but we have run out of cash.   Despite our best efforts, we can not take this project further without help.  It is like I had invented a new flammable liquid and all I need is a spark of help to start the flame.

Our phone is answered from 8:00 am - 9:00 pm EST, 7dpw.  I sincerely invite you the reader to phone me at (905) 846-1233 or email me.  I look forward to talking to you.


Safe Computing,
Ralph Kachur,              

I cannot see the future, only the now.

I can only hope that what I do today

will prepare me for tomorrows now.


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