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Malware Protection

Detection software not needed or used 

May 30, 2020


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     What if:   a major cyber security discovery was made and

                     nobody believed it possible, what would you do?   Article 


We are in development of Malware Secure Computers, which do not need to use detection software, encryption, AI or analytics for the following computer uses:

  • safely visit Malware infected web sites, 

  • safely open Malware infected emails, 

  • safely watch Malware infected video streaming, 

  • safely open, edit, save or share Malware infected user data files, such as Word or PDF.  ─  All user data files are auto-converted to a no-longer-infected state. 

We are now in the design phase of a Proof of Concept demonstrator.  The president of a major Canadian bank has offered to fund our commercial product development for a small equity stake, contingent upon demonstrating what I said could actually be done.  The core principles to enable the above have been proven in our lab.


The on-site introduction of a Malware, via a USB, CD or Wi-Fi, is a major concern for Cyber Security experts.  We protect against the purposeful injection of a Malware by a malicious employee, the inadvertent introduction of a Malware by a good employee or the pre-meditated attack by an on-site hacker.  This extra level of protection is also accomplished without the need or use of detection software, encryption AI or analytics.

I have a 30+ year background in electronic component technical sales, sales management, and project management, including the supply of electronic components used in three satellites circulating the globe today.

My highest profile satellite project, was the supply of the CCD imaging sensor used in the imaging portion of the European Space Agency VIKING satellite, which produced the first images from outer space of the Aurora Borealis looking like a crown hovering above Earths North Pole.

Due to my exposure to a breadth of electronic technologies, I made this major Malware security discovery. 


One of the main reason I am able to provide this level of Malware Security is because of my discovery and development of a New Class of Computer Components (NCoCC), which has enabled me to do a major redesign of the architecture of the input section of our computers.   It is the input stage where it is most Malware obtain entry into your computer.  When a clean or malware infected user data file (such as Word or PDF) is presented to the input of the NCoCC, the output is always no-longer-infected.

The other major market for our NCoCC is for the Malware protection of certain types of data communications lines, such as those used in IOT, IIOT, SCADA, Critical Infrastructure and Process Control.  Again, without the need or use of detection software, encryption, AI or analytics.


We have self-funded this project in to date.   Despite our best efforts, we just cannot take this project any further without the specialized technical help needed or until such time as we able to obtain the necessary financial support needed to hire specialized technical help.

We are on the precipice of an evolutionary shift in Cyber Security and significant economic benefit for Canada, all we need is a small amount of support, to tilt us over the edge.  

All I need is, help to build a basic Proof of Concept computer based on my new architecture and NCoCC. 

Our phone is answered from 8:00 am - 9:00 pm EST, 7dpw.  I sincerely invite you the reader to be in contact. 


Safe Computing,
Ralph Kachur,              

I cannot see the future, only the now.

I can only hope that what I do today

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