I need advice on selecting a brand & version of
Linux Developer

I need to build a basic Proof of Concept computer, where e-mails are automatically received, processed & returned via a custom x86 program.  Once proof of technology is demonstrated, I have been guaranteed funding for product development.

     Basic Linux requirements:

  • Virtual RAM Drive
    • Write buss to the HDD is switched open, yet readable.
  • For BIOS, I have been working with American Megatrends, who will upon power on:
    • From board level BIOS, set operational BIOS in a V-RAM drive,
    • Send a signal to open circuit the write bus to board level BIOS,  
    • Turn control over to the o/s.
  • 3 monitors
  • 2 cameras 
  • 2 custom x86 programs
  • Open PDF files 
  • Open & process MS Word files..
  • GUI not necessary


Once my hypothesis is proven, I have been advised, by an executive of a major bank, of their sincere interest in investing in product development, for a small equity stake and to be on a priority list for product delivery.

I am a one man operation.  Once funded, I will be able to afford to hire professional developers for commercial product development.  As a general indication for business potential,  I expect to certainly need, well in excess of 120,000 licenses per year, once commercialized.

I have a background of over 30 years in electronic component technical sales, was instrumental in the supply of components used in three satellites circling the globe, have received Canadian Military security clearance, am a novice VC++ programmer and have been privy to many confidential electronic instrumentation design projects, which have exposed me to a wide variety of technologies, which in turn has enabled me to discover this very important evolutionary shift in computer design.

I just need to build a very basic Proof of Concept computer to prove my hypothesis.  Any guidance you could provide would be very much appreciated.  

In order to select the correct version of Linux, I am in need of some basic guidance, even providing me 3 minutes of basic direction may save me weeks of research and study.

In advance, thank you.

Ralph Kachur
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September 5, 2017