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< Summary > :                                                                                                      June 6, 2021.

Both malware infected and not malware infected files, such as email, internet and user software, will all now be able to be "safely" processed as not malware infected files.  This is due to a major computer re-design, which has been made possible due to our discovery and development of the  r-conduit a new computer component, enabling our design for our Malware Secure Computers.  

Our cyber protection discovery is a complete re-design of how the the actual computer itself processes data.

This statement will likely be hard to believe for those who are not familiar with the technical aspects of our discovery.  We are actually able to accomplish this high of a level of cyber security, without the need or use of detection software, encryption, VPN or analytics.  The enabling technology has been proven in our lab by presenting a malware infected Word document to the r-conduit input, the output was the same Word document but no longer malware infected.

To add a tone of credibility, I have a 30+ year background in electronic components, supplied electronic components used in three satellites, speak at conferences and have published in technology magazines.

To bring this important cyber technology forward for the cyber protection of all, we are in need of support to build a Proof of Concept (PoC) to demonstrate this important discovery.  I have self funded my research over the last four year and am running out of cash, I do not have the $148k needed to build a PoC

Please be in contact or share this discovery with an influencer or with your social media groups.


General Comments:  Blaming the plethora of Cyber / Malware / Ransomware attacks we are having on protection software, is not an accurate assumption.  Neither is blaming other countries for the high number of cyber attacks we are having.  Especially, when we leave our cyber front doors wide open for them to walk in and allowing then to easily take our data and or providing then an easy opportunity to extort us for a ransom. 

Soon ROATI Technologies will be able to slam the front door shut on many of these types of cyber attacks.  Not by doing another software improvement , but rather by re-designing how the actual computer itself "safely" processes both malware infected and not malware infected files, such as email, internet and user software.

How computers process data, for the most part, has not changed much since Microsoft introduced DOS Ver. 1.0 almost 40 years ago.  This basic realization, is what lead me onto my four year journey to resolve this persistent cyber protection problem.  Which I have. 

It is my intension that this discover will lead to a Malware Secure Computers manufacturing industry in North America.  Yes, North America.  This discovery will lead to a major reduction in cyber attacks and a significant boost to our economies.  More importantly, computer design and manufacturing will be in the hands of North Americans, not in the hands of our cyber adversaries who are constantly attacking our Cyber Sphere during the current escalations of the Cyber Wars of 2021.   Support is needed to achieve this important protection objective. 

The off shore manufacturing of our computers, makes as much sense as having an enemy which we are in a heated war with make our rifles and bullets because, they are less expensive.  

Canadians and Americans are not just best friends, I think of us as a family.  As a family we need to work together, in order to protect our data.  As a proud Canadian, I am willing to share my discovery with my American family.  Let us roll up our sleeves and defeat our mutual enemy, together.

We will be receptive to any assistance, to move this important technology forward for the protection of all.


< Detail > :


Definition:  A Malware is a “Malicious Software” which is specifically designed to disrupt, damage or gain unauthorized access to a computer system.   e. g. Virus, Ransomware, Worm, Botnet, Trojan etc.

Preamble:  Our discovery is a hardware, major re-design of the computer, not another software improvement.  


The Problem:  The Canadian Internet Registration Authority ( , in 2020 forecasted that cyber attacks are expected to annually cost the economies of the world $6 Trillion dollars by 2021.  It is believed that this number was surpassed by early June 2021, less than six months into 2021.  Malware is a major contributor to that costly and expected cyber mayhem.   

Malware, can be considered a cyber bullet and is used in the Cyber Wars of 2021 to enter via the weakest point in our systems in order to inflict its malicious intent.   Hackers simply look for the weakest point in the computer which allows for a malware to be input.  The realization that the simple input stage, is the weak point which allows for a malware to enter, is what led me onto my research journey for a cure over the last four years.  The discovery of the r-conduit, very well protects the cyber attack weak point of the input stage.   

Although detection software companies, do a valiant job at trying to prevent a malware attack, the fact is, they first need to detect the presence of a new and never before discovered malware.  By the time a new malware is actually discovered, there is a time delay for developing a patch, that patch is then uploaded to their web sites and eventually uploaded to an end users computer.  Because of these delays, Malware attacks happen.  It is believed that over 1,800 new malware are released world wide every day.

To overcome these delays, detection software companies use analytics to look for “known” behavior patterns of malware.  Despite their best efforts to analyze for "known" behaviors, "unknown" Malware infections still get in.  The proof is in the many Ransomware attacks which regularly happen.

Even the cloud, although generally considered safer, malware attacks still happen.

My Background:  During my 30+ years in electronic component technical sales, sales management and project management, I have been exposed to a breadth of electronic design technologies. Including working on the supply of electronic components used in three satellites.  My highest profile satellite was working with the engineers for the supply of the imaging sensor, which was used in the European Space Agency satellite, which produced from outer space the first images of the Aurora Borealis, hovering like a crown above earths North Pole. The sensor which I supplied was used to convert those first photons of light into electrical signals, enabling that first picture from outer space.

I was a speaker at the International Cyber Security and Information Security Conference.  Also I am honored to have been invited as a keynote speaker at the, International Forensic Sciences Conference 2021, in Osaka Japan.  I have had an article published in the respected Canadian military technology magazine, Vanguard. 

Discovery:   Chronology:

  • August 8, 2016 I discovered a new computer principle, which led me to 

  • the design of a New Class of Computer Components, which led me to 

  • the design of a new computer component called an r-conduit, which led me (after August 8, 2016)

  • to a basic computer re-design, enabling the "safe" processing of both clean an malware infected files without the need or use of detection software, encryption, VPN or analytics, which led me to

  • the discovery of a simple hardware method to protect against a malware insertion by an onsite hacker, malicious employee or clumsy employee, which led me to

  • an ultra secure password generator and easy insertion method, 

  • Realizing the significance of this discovery, I federally incorporated ROATI Technologies Inc.,
    September 21, 2016. 

  • when attending a Brampton Board of Trade meeting, I had the fortuitous opportunity to have had a meeting with a president of a major Canadian bank who offered to fund my commercial product development for a small equity stake, contingent upon my building a proof of concept to demonstrate to their technical staff. 

  • I have been self funding my research for the last four years and am running out of cash.  That is why I have written this disclosure in hopes of finding needed support to build a Proof of Concept for the above bank president.

ROATI is an acronym for Ralphs Onto A Technology Innovation. 

Proof of Discovery:  I presented a malware infected Word document to the r-conduit input , the output was the same Word document, but no longer malware infected.   

This new capability of the r-conduit is what led me to a radical redesign of how our computers will be able to safely process data.  

For the technically minded:   The main input zone is physically and electrically isolated from the processing and other zones of the computer, except for a well RF and EMI filtered plus a high current surge protected, power supply.  Both clean and malware infected files are received and isolated in this newly designed input stage, therefore preventing any malware from entering the processing and mass media stages.  This new input stage is in fact a sandbox computer with the write busses to the SSD and BIOS/UEFI, instead of being software controlled are mechanically switched open circuit, absolutely preventing a malware from entering the SSD or BIOS/UEFI (my unique specification for my SSD and BIOS have been confirmed with major suppliers, under an NDA).  All writing to disk is written to a VRAM drive. Upon completion of that file, power is removed from that input and is restarted and all volatile and non volatile RAM is thoroughly cleaned and BIOS and OS is reloaded.  As there is a time delay in reloading there are five, cascading, Linux based sandbox computers who share the one BIOS and SSD.  The main processing zone can be any x86 OS.  General indications are that heritage software and OS may be used, but should be confirmed.

With an incoming file securely located only in the input, the r-conduit then extracts that file from the input stage and presents it "safely" to the processing stage as a not-malware infected file for its normal usage and safe sharing with others.  Apologies, I need to be purposefully careful stating to how this occurs.

For a flowchart and description of the cascading sandbox system Please note that it is my working thinking paper not a marketing brochure.  Make sure to read the explanation of the cascading input stages on the very right.  The stages YELP and PHE can be thought of a compiler and decompiler, but it is not, for it is a completely new process.

Malware Secure Computer Design:   The ability of our r-conduit to “safely” process a Malware Infected information files, has enabled a major redesign of the computers architecture, enabling this previously never thought possible, high a level of Malware security.

ROATI Computers:  consists of three physically and electrically "isolated stages", input, output and processing stages.  Each of these isolated areas, safely communicate with each other through the non-contacting r-conduit.  The three independent stages work together to form one computer, which safely communicates with the Malware Infected outside world.  

Both clean and malware infected files enter the input stage.  Because that file is isolated, that file is prevented from connecting to the rest of the computer and simply now resides ONLY in that input area.   Without any physical contact the r-conduit, "safely" extracts information from that file and then  "safely" passes it on to the processing stage for its normal usage and safe sharing with others.

Typical Computer:   the above is a typical off the shelf type of computer, consisting of the physically and electrically "inner  connected" input, output and processing stages.  They are all electrically attached to and directly communicate with each other, allowing for a malware to enter, be processed, stored, do its damage, then that malware is shared with others and that malware easily spreads, inflicting its malicious intent and causing the damage which we regularly hear of in the news.

The Malware Infected World:  is the malware infested world of the internet, incoming storage media such as USB, CD, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, the Cloud, unsecured computers on a network, IIOT sensors in a manufacturing or critical infrastructure environments, sensors in a hospital operating room or office building, etc.

The Input Zone: of a ROATI computer, “safely” works with both clean and malware infected user data files.  Modern computers used today, consider the opening of a malware infected file as dangerous, we do not.  In fact, we can and actually do "safely" use Malware Infected user data files.   For us processing a Malware infected file is an advantage.  This will seem counterintuitive to those who are not familiar with the technical aspects of how the ROATI Computer works.

The Output Zone:  is the isolated output section where "only" malware safe data can be exported. 

The r-conduit:  is a new computer component and the core reason behind this new malware secure computer design.  When either a clean or a malware infected information file is presented to the r-conduit input, the output is always "no longer infected". 

Because of the new way the r-conduit process files, it is impossible for a malware to get into the Processing Zone by opening a malware infected email, email attachment, internet visit or user data file.  This also includes a hackers attempt to install a malware to exploit a Zero day Vulnerability.    

The Processing Zone:  can be thought of as your standard computer.  You may use modern off the shelf software, modern o/s, your own custom software, heritage software and older operating systems.  New and old, software and operating systems are equally well protected, even if you are using and old operating system such as Windows 95.  In many cases one can upgrade to a ROATI Computer in order to increase speed and providing a high level of cyber protection while still using their heritage software and operating systems. The degree of this activity needs to be confirmed on an individual basis and discussion with ROATI support engineers.

An additional hardware feature is provided which prevents the introduction of a malware by an onsite hacker, malicious employee or clumsy employee.  Access for software updates are controlled only by authorized personnel under a new and strictly controlled hardware and software process.  Those who have been hacked with a USB by a hacker or employee in the past, will certainly appreciate this new and simple feature.

Here is an example:  A good employee takes a few files home to work on over the weekend or overnight on their home computer.  Unknown to that good employee they have a new and never before detected malware on their home computer of which detection companies have not discovered yet, therefore have not uploaded a software patch.  For many existing systems, they take that USB back to work and load that malware into the office computer and that malware then executes it malicious intent.   If that office computer was a ROATI Computer, that malware would be resident ONLY in the isolated input stage, the r-conduit then safely extracts that file and safely loads that good employees hard work into the processing and storage area as a, NOT malware infected file, for its normal usage and safe sharing with others.  This is a significant leap forward for malware protection.

Benefits for Canada, the USA to support ROATI Technologies Inc.

A new and high level of malware protection for Data.

The start of a computer manufacturing industry in North America, using North American technology and generating thousands of high tech jobs.

The exporting of our North American manufactured computers, will help contribute to reducing each countries trade deficit and will help to bring in new foreign capital, which will be re-invested into supporting technology research and product development.   

This new industry will help us to becoming an even stronger technology and manufacturing powerhouse.

Our corporate taxes and wealth generated for Canadians and American will help to compensate for our respective  governments climbing deficit, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Deficit spending has been needed to protect the economy and to provide support for those who have been adversely affected.    


< Conclusion > : 

A little bit of help today, will help ROATI Technologies provide all the above.

The ROATI computer discovery, is a major technological leap forward for the Cyber protection of information data and represents a significant economic benefit for Canada and the USA.

We are on the precipice of an evolutionary shift in Cyber Security, lets roll up our sleeves together. 

Please be in contact or share this discovery with an influencer or with your social media groups. 

Safe Computing
Ralph Kachur        


My Father loyally fought for Canada during WWII
I loyally fight for Canada during the Cyber Wars of 2021
What will you do to protect your data from a malicious attack

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