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< Summary >                                                                                                       January 30, 2021

Our computer re-design will allow for the manufacture of Malware Secure Computers, which will provide the “safe” execution of formerly dangerous Malware infected, internet and user data activities. 

These activities include "safely" visiting malware infected web sites, opening malware infected emails, email attachments, user information data files and more. 

This new level of malware safety is actually accomplished without the need or use of Detection Software, Encryption, VPN, or Analytics.  We also protect against what was once thought to be impossible; which is “safely” processing, yet to be discovered, Malware infected files and also protecting against Zero Day Vulnerabilities.

Although the above may sound impossible, the enabling technology has been proven in our lab.

This discovery represents a major technological leap forward, for the malware protection of information data and represents a significant economic opportunity.

I need the help and guidance of a computer hardware design engineer and a firmware engineer to provide guidance to “assist” with our building of a very basic Proof of Concept. 

I had the fortuitous opportunity to have had a meeting with a president of a major Canadian bank.  That bank president has offered to fund my commercial product development for a small equity stake.  This offer is contingent upon our demonstration of a very basic Proof of Concept.


< Detail >


Definition:  A Malware is a “Malicious Software” which is specifically designed to disrupt, damage or gain unauthorized access to a computer system.   e. g. Virus, Ransomware, Worm, Botnet, Trojan etc.

Preamble:  Our discovery is a new hardware based solution, not another software improvement.

Request:  I most sincerely invite your inquiries or challenges to these statements.


The Problem:  The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (, in 2020 forecasted that cyber attacks are expected to annually cost the economies of the world $6 Trillion dollars by 2021.   Malware is a major contributor to that costly and expected cyber mayhem.

Although detection software companies, such as McAfee and Norton, do a valiant job at trying to prevent a malware attack, the fact is, they first need to detect the presence of a new and never before discovered malware.  It is estimated there are more than 1800 new and never discovered malware being released into the cyber sphere, every day.  By the time a new malware is actually discovered, there is a time delay for developing a patch, that patch is then uploaded to their web sites and eventually uploaded to an end users computer.  Because of these delays, Malware attacks happen.

To overcome these delays, detection software companies use analytics to look for “known” behavior patterns of malware.  Despite their best efforts to analyze known behaviors, Malware infections still get in.  The proof is in the many Ransomware attacks which regularly happen.

Even the cloud, although generally considered safe, malware attacks still happen.

My Background:  During my 30+ years in electronic component technical sales, sales management and project management, I have been exposed to a breadth of electronic design technologies. Including working on the supply of electronic components used in three satellites circulating the globe.  My highest profile satellite was working with the engineers for the supply of the CCD imaging sensor, which was used in the European Space Agency satellite, which produced from outer space the first images of the Aurora Borealis, hovering like a crown above earths North Pole.

I was a speaker at the International Cyber Security and Information Security Conference.  Also I am honored to have been invited as a keynote speaker at the International Forensic Sciences Conference in Osaka Japan, November 2021.  I have had an article published in the prestigious Canadian military technology magazine Vanguard.  The article was on the need for the government to form a new department to take a second look at rejected funding applications   I am about to start a social media campaign promoting the “second look” concept.  Any suggestions or shared experiences with rejected funding or lost opportunity for Canada, would be appreciated.

Discovery:  Intuitively it has never made sense to me why we needed to detect the presence of a malware.   On August 8, 2016 I discovered a new computer principle.  This discovery led me to a new way to process information data.   In turn, it rapidly led me to the design of a New Class of Computer Components (NCoCC).   Realizing the significance of this discovery, I Canadian federally incorporated ROATI Technologies Inc., September 21, 2016.

ROATI is an acronym for Ralphs Onto A Technology Innovation.

Proof of Discovery:  I obtained a malware infected Word document from an ethical hacker.   That Malware infected Word document was presented to the input of the NCoCC.  The output of the NCoCC was the same document but “no longer malware infected”.   As astonishing as this may sound, this was actually accomplished without Detection Software, Encryption, VPN or Analytics. 

Although this is an internal proof of discovery, to prove this discovery to the world and to obtain funding, I need to build a Proof of Concept (PoC) to demonstrate that what I say I have discovered, is actually possible.

Custom IC:  Preliminary discussions with CMC of Kingston Ontario indicates, to convert the discrete component design for the NCoCC into a custom Integrated Circuit, IC/Hybrid, would be in the area of about $1.5 - 2.0 million.  A custom IC/hybrid is needed for mass production and cost reduction.  The main use of a low cost unit will be for the malware protection of data communications lines for IIOT, process control, critical infrastructure and manufacturing.  The high cost for the R&D is certainly not in my current budget.  I need to find another source of funding. 

When used in computers, The NCoCC can be built using a discrete components design.  Due to market demand for this high a level of Cyber Safety, we can withstand the slightly higher cost for the NCoCC.  There is also the possibility that once a PoC is built, there will be excitement generated for this discovery and or once the government realized the massive economic benefit for Canada, then the funding to develop a custom IC/hybrid may be realistically pursued.

Malware Secure Computer Design:   The ability of our NCoCC to “safely” process Malware Infected information files, has enabled a major redesign of the computers architecture, enabling this previously never thought possible level of Malware security.

Description:  A ROATI computer consists of four physically "isolated and independent zones"; the Input, Output, Neutral and Processing Zones.  Each of these physically independent and isolated zones safely communicate with each other through the NCoCC of the Neutral Zone.  The four independent zones work together to form one computer, which safely communicates with what we call the Danger World.

Shown above is the typical off the shelf type of computer, consisting of the "inner connected" input, output and processing and storage stages.  They are all attached to and directly communicate with each other, allowing for a malware to obtain entry, be processed, stored, do its damage, then that malware is shared with others. 

The Danger World:  is the malware infested world of the internet, incoming storage media such as USB, CD, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, the Cloud and unsecured computers on a network.  ROATI computers work “safely” with both clean and malware infected information data files in the Danger World.

The input Zone:  is the isolated input section which safely allows for both clean and Malware infected Danger World information files to be presented to the Neutral Zone.    Neutral Zone files are in turn moved to the Processing Zone as “only clean” information data files.  These files are now ready for the safe processing, storage or sharing with others.  (more detail below)

The Output Zone:  is the isolated output section where "only" malware safe data is exported. 

The Neutral Zone:  is the isolated section consisting of the NCoCC and support circuits.  The NCoCC is the core to the new way by which we can safely process both clean and malware infected information data.  When either a clean or a malware infected information file is presented to the input of the NCoCC, the output is always "no longer infected".  This new newly discovered way to process information files is accomplished without the need or use of detection software, encryption, VPN or analytics.  The NCoCC, is the core to our discovery.

In the support circuit portion of the Neutral Zone, the YELP presents incoming data in a custom format to the NCoCC, the NCoCC presents that data to PFE, the PFE then converts that custom data into a standard computer data format for use or storage in the Processing Zone.  Throughout this process, it is impossible for a malware to get into the Processing Zone.  

The Processing Zone:  can be thought of as your standard computer using standard software.  It consists of a BIOS, CPU, storage media, etc. with the addition of a hardware feature which prevents the introduction of a malware by a malicious employee, a clumsy employee or onsite hacker.  Access for software updates are controlled only by authorized personnel under a specific protocol. 

It should be noted that a Zero Day Vulnerability is a previous unknown software weakness, which allows for a systems exploitation by an external hackers.  Hence, allowing for the introduction of a destructive malware.   That is why there are regular requirements to do software patches.  The consequences of not doing software patches are the many malware attacks we so often hear about.

By the very design of the combined functioning of the Neutral and Processing Zones in a ROATI computer, it is absolutely impossible for an external malware to obtain entry into the Processing Zone, to exploit a Zero Day Vulnerability through the NCoCC.   This is one of the design benefits of the ROATI computer where important data is kept malware free.  This is an ultra-important feature.  

Input Zone – (More Detail)  the Input Zone has one BIOS and one SSD, where both have had their write buss “mechanically” switched open circuit, absolutely preventing a malware from becoming permanently resident, yet software and information can be read and processed. 

Also there are five, cascading, Linux based sandbox computers who share the one BIOS and SSD.  Their function is to present both, not infected and malware infected, incoming information data to the NCoCC.  The NCoCC in turn safely presents only clean data to the Processing Zone.

Once a file has been processed, that particular sandbox computer automatically powers down.  This way any files present which may be malware infected (e.g. data logger), will be deleted.  As part of boot up there is a complete RAM cleaning process for all volatile and non-volatile RAM, including Cache.   The reloading of any required data, including Cache, is loaded via a consulated white list located in the Processing Zone and is safely transferred to that specific sandbox via the Neutral Zone. 

For a flowchart and description of the cascading sandbox system

Benefits for Canada: 

The start of a computer manufacturing industry in Canada will generate thousands of high tech jobs.

The exporting of our Canadian manufactured computers, will help contribute to reducing our trade deficit and will help to bring in new foreign capital, to be re-invested into Canadian technology.   

This new industry will help Canada to becoming an even stronger technology and manufacturing powerhouse.

Our corporate taxes and wealth generated for Canadians will help to compensate for the governments climbing deficit, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Deficit spending has been needed to protect the economy and to provide support for those who have been adversely affected.  

A little bit of help today, will help ROATI Technologies become one of the a top Canadian corporations

Conclusion >  

The ROATI computer discovery, is a major technological leap forward for the Cyber protection of information data and represents a significant economic benefit for Canada.

We are on the precipice of an evolutionary shift in Cyber Security.   I invite you to contact me to discuss rolling up our sleeves together.  


Safe Computing
Ralph Kachur        




My Father loyally fought for Canada during WWII

I loyally fight for Canada during the Cyber Wars of 2021

What will you do for Canada?    


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