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April 6, 2022      


A series of in-house discoveries of new computer electronic components, led us to a new design for how the hardware of the computer itself, is able to "safely" process "both" clean and malware infected information files.  The enabling technology has been proven in our lab, leading to our discovery of a new method for how computers process data.

Our current objective, is to find technical and business support to commercialize this new and significantly important malware protection discovery. 


Our new Malware Secure Computer design is due to our in-house discovery of, a new information conduit for data to travel on, "different from fiber-optics, RF or wire".  We named this new information conduit, our r-conduit.  

The r-conduit is what led us to the design of a New Class of Computer Components (NCoCC) for how the computers' hardware processes data and in turn what enabled our design for Malware Secure Computers.

To prove our discovery in our lab, a known Malware Infected Word document was presented to the input of the NCoCC, the output was "exactly" the very same Word document, except, "no longer infected".   
(Please re-read this statement slowly)

It is the NCoCC using the r-conduit principle, which enabled the, malware safe, air-gapped, bi-direction data communications between the various, physically and electrically isolated parts of our new computer design, resulting in our Malware Secure Computer design.

This discovery will contribute to a major reduction of malware entry into our computers via, internet searching, email, email attachments, and user information data files such as Word, PDF, and SQL or ORACLE data base file sharing; to name a few.

We are not saying we are perfect at preventing cyber attacks, for we do not know what will be in the hands of hackers tomorrow.  However, we are certainly a monstrous improvement, over what is currently on the market today.  

Please note, this is a new hardware design for how the actual computer itself "safely" processes information data, this is not another software improvement.


To add a tone of credibility to my discovery, hear is a short biography.

I am Ralph Kachur, president and founder of ROATI Technologies Inc., with 30+ years in electronic component technical sales, sales management, project management and was instrumental in the supply of electronic components used in three satellites, including the supply of the imaging sensor used in the European Space Agency satellite which took the first pictures from outer space of the Aurora Borealis, hovering like a crown above earths North Pole.  I speaks at conferences, have been published in the respected military technology magazine Vanguard and had been invited as a keynote speaker at the 4th World Conference on Forensic Sciences in Osaka Japan, Nov. 4-6, 2021.  

I am focused on the development and commercialization of Malware Secure Computers, which are based on my discovery of the r-conduit principle.

Business Overview:

In 2020 CIRA, the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (, forecasted that cyber attacks were expected to annually cost the economies of the world over $6 trillion by 2021. 

It is estimated in 2020 there were 304 million ransomware attacks with an estimated 62% paying the ransom at an average of u$2.5 million per payout plus other hidden costs.  Projections for 2022 is estimated to be much higher.

Our new Malware Secure Computer design, well satisfies a substantially pent-up, international market demand, for the high a level of malware protection, which we most certainly can and one day will be providing. 

An early estimated retail price is u$2.5k - u$3.0k each.  

To keep our costs down, a first run of a minimum of 10,000 computers will be necessary.  This will result a first sale total of about u$30,000,000.00.  

In order to finance our first production run, sales will be on a pre-paid basis, funds will be deposited into a trust account with a respected international bank.  All transactions will be administered by an internationally trusted accounting firm.  

When the 10,000 target is reached, suppliers will be assured of payment by that accounting firm, as funds will already be in the bank.  Production will then commence.  

Should a sufficiently large volume not be reached, then those who have prepaid will receive a full refund.

Due to the significance of this discovery, prior to being available for sale, a well timed product announcement, detailed marketing and advertising plan will be launched.  The detail of which will be explained under separate cover, but it will contain news media releases, talk shows, conference presentations, trade publications and a social media campaign.

Our first production run will be made by contract manufacturers.   

Depending on the degree of proven success from our first run and having received proven market interest, guidance will be sought from our advisors for where or when to take direct control of our own manufacturing and other business decisions.

Although not formalized in the form of a board of directors, I have a team of advisors which I call upon for guidance. 

Talents include:  a former director of technology development for a Canadian province, our corporate lawyer, three lawyers in the family, a sister who is an accountant, a professor of media relations, former production manager of a large electronics manufacturing facility, a recently retired computer design electronics engineer and several potential suppliers who want my business and are offering technical support. 

In short, I have a strong list of senior advisors to guide our efforts, technically, legally, financially, accounting, marketing and manufacturing.  Then there is my 30+ years of business and technical experience in the electronic components industry as a manager and as a business advisor to many of my customers and local start-ups.

Bank Funding:  A major Canadian bank president has offered to fund our commercial product development for a small equity stake, contingent upon the demonstration of a basic Proof of Concept (PoC), knowing it would be a multi million dollar investment for that bank.  

For the last three years, I have self funded our research and am running out of cash.  Today our biggest problem is to raise the necessary funds to hire the specialized technical assistance needed in order to build a simple Proof of Concept.  Building a Proof of Concept is the spark needed to kick start a new and important Malware Secure Computer manufacturing industry in North America.  Please considering supporting our efforts.

Technical Overview:

A series of computer electronic component discoveries, is what led to our design of Malware Secure Computers.

The in-house discovery of, a new information conduit for computer data to travel on, different from fiber-optics, wire or RF, is what triggered the discovery of a New Class of Computer Components (NCoCC).  We named this new information conduit, the r-conduit.

The in-house discovery of the NCoCC led to a new way for our computers' hardware to "safely" process "both" clean and malware infected data.  

Our computers are in fact two computers in one.  The first is the input computer, which is "physically and electrically" isolated from the second computer, which is the main processing and storage computer.  

The main processing and storage computer can be thought of as a standard desktop PC with several additional security features.

The input computer, is where all incoming files are first received, processed and where "both" clean and malware infected information files "safely" reside. 

The input computer, is known as a Linux based, Sandbox Computer, with major designed improvements. The details of the which will be revealed once our patent protection is received. 

It is called a sandbox because, a sandbox is a safe container where one can safely play with the sand and the sand does not get out.  Similarly for us, a sandbox is a safe container, where we run special processes on that file, even if that file is malware infected, nothing gets out.

As our sandbox, input computer, is physically and electrically isolated from the main CPU processing area, the big question is, how to get that incoming file "safely", from that input computer to the main processing and storage computer, "especially" when we do not know if that file is malware infected or not.

The "malware safe", air-gapped, bi-directional data communications between these two physically and electrically isolated computers is made possible through the use of our NCoCC, which is based on the r-conduit principle.

For us, it does not matter if the incoming file in the input computer is a malware infected file or not.  

All information files in the input computer are presented to the input of the NCoCC, the output of the NCoCC will always be "exactly" the same file, but always 100% "not malware infected" as it is received in the processing and storage computer.  This discovery will seem impossible to many.

To prove this discovery, we presented a malware infected Word document to the input computer, the NCoCC "safely" transferred that file to the main processing computer, as "exactly" the same Word document, except no longer infected.

That no longer Malware infected Word document in the main processing computer, is now ready to be safely shared with other computers on a network, the internet or other methods as it now a, no longer a malware infected file.  

For the ease of understanding, the NCoCC may be thought of as a cleaning process, but is in fact very much not.  

The r-conduit is a major technological discovery contributing to "malware safe" computer processing.

Important Note:

For the ease of explanation in this web page, we use the term, information data or files, as an encompassing term, to include the safe processing of Clean and Malware Infected, internet searching, emails, email attachments, Word, PDF, RTF or SQL and ORACLE type data base files, to name a few.  These are common files types for a malware to obtain entry into a computer.   This is a new technological discovery, after further research we will confirm other data types.

Problem with the Original PC:

How x86 computers process user data files, for the most part has not changed much in over 40 years, even before Bill Gates first introduced MS DOS Ver. 1.0, August 12,1981.  Which incidentally, I purchased a copy directly from Bill Gates, just before IBM announced the personal computer and the birth of the modern computer industry.

During my analysis of the basics of computers and their well established processes, I realized, that the existing basic architecture of how computers process incoming information files is the weak point which has enabled the plethora of cyber-attacks which we see today.  

This very basic realization is what led me onto my, three year journey to resolve this weak point.  Which I have.  

Computer people tend to overlook the need to improve the basic principles of how computers work and just accept that it works and build from there.  They tend to focus on computers doing more, working faster and costing less.  

What I did was to take an in-depth look at and to question the very basics of how and why computers work.  I discovered a flaw, then made important improvements, which only "then" led to my design for our Malware Secure Computers.  

It is the process of re-thinking the basics, which led to this very important discovery.

Take Back Control of Electronics Manufacturing:

During WWII, we certainly would not have asked our enemies to manufacture our guns and bullets, just because they were less expensive.  Let's take back control of the manufacturing of our electronics and semiconductors.  By doing so, we will wind up strengthening our economies while maintaining strict control over the protection of our critical data and the reliability of the semiconductors used in our computers.  This way we will not need to be concerned if those semiconductors contain deeply hidden code or capabilities for our enemies to exploit.

I have redesigned how the computer works enabling the "safe" processing of malware infected information files.

Governments need to support taking back control of the manufacture of our electronics and semiconductor industries.

Yesterday, my father loyally fought for Canada during WWII.
Today, I loyally fight for Canada during the Cyber Wars of 2022.
Tomorrow, malware, will be defeated.


I need help to build a Proof of Concept to demonstrate this critically important cyber protection technology.  This will be the beginning of a North American computer, manufacturing industry, based on r-conduit principle.

Opportunity is knocking at the door, I just need a tiny bit of support to open the door to opportunity.

Please feel free to contact.  I pride myself as being an easy to talk too Canadian.

This is a significantly important technological discovery and sizably scalable business opportunity for those who support us at this early stage of corporate growth.

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